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Quick Hits August 7, 2009

29 days until Arizona kicks off the season against Central Michigan.  While you wait, check out our quick links of Wildcat news.

  Day one of training camp, and Bug Wright took the opportunity to cement himself as one of 2009's fan favorites, catching a pass up the seam after losing one of his shoes earlier in the play.  One day in the books and the quarterback controversy continues.  Foles and Scott split snaps in team drills. 

More quick hits after the jump!

   Mike Stoops declared Thursday's practice "a great first day."  Terrell Turner got one hour of sleep prior to Thursday's practice.  Why?  He was playing video games and hanging out with teammates.  Turner is clearly excited for the season.  Here's hoping he starts resting a little more before 6 am practices.  Mike Stoops is concerned with creating depth at linebacker this season.  Trevor Erno may earn immediate playing time.

  Team morale is high as fall camp opens.  Greg Hansen likens this year's team to the dominating Wildcat teams of '93 and '98.  In '93 the Cats were 10-2.  In '98 the Cats finished 12-1 after stomping Nebraska in the Holiday Bowl.  Double-digit wins sounds awfully nice in the first week of August.  There's nothing like dreaming big four weeks before games start.

  Former Wildcat, Brandon Nash, has a post on Wildcat Sports Report that gives an inside perspective on training camp.