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Recruiting Spotlight: Derrick Rainey


Name:  Derrick Rainey

Position:  Athlete: WR/Defensive Back

Height:  6'2''

Weight:  185 lbs.

Speed: N/A

High School:  Northbrook High School (TX)

Rating:  2 stars (

Recruited by:  Bill Bendenbaugh 

Listed as an "athlete", it looks like Rainey can play both sides of the ball as either a WR or defensive back/ safety but the Arizona website has him listed as a DB. Based on today's depth chart, it doesn't look like he's in line to get much playing time on either offense or defense right now. In high school as a Junior, he averaged 7.4 yards per carry as a running back. 

According to the University of Arizona Official Athletic Website:


Rainey has athletic potential on both sides of the ball, with his first work in camp likely to be at free safety... Also could get an early look at receiver.