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Quick Hits September 1, 2009

Good morning Wildcat fans.  Here are the links for September 1st.  Yes, September 1st.  Goodbye, summer, hello autumn.  It's time for some football.

  Stoops may hold Rob Gronkowski out of the season opener.  Back pain sucks, and Gronk still has it.  Also, it looks like Arizona may redshirt super-recruit Adam Hall.  This shocks me.  I am sure as part of their recruiting pitch, the Arizona coaches had to promise Hall an opportunity for early playing time.  I understand the desire to redshirt Hall, and preserve a year of eligibility, but I cannot imagine it makes Hall very happy.

  Tedy Bruschi has left quite a legacy at the University of Arizona.  I did not attend Arizona when Bruschi was there, but I have yet to hear a negative word uttered about him around town, campus, or the media.  I've heard professors rave about what a great student-athlete and positive influence he was.  Congratulations on a great career Tedy, and good luck in your future endeavors. 

More quick hits after the jump!

  Ted Miller of picks his ten Pac-10 games to watch in 2009.  I cannot really argue with any of the games listed, omission:  Arizona at California, Nov. 14.  Arizona has beat Cal two out of the last three seasons, and Cal has eyes on a BCS game this year.  Could be a huge match up. 

  Still no quarterback named.  Heard this before?  Stoops says both will likely play.  How much?  He doesn't know.  Is there some plan in place?  Nope.  Is this getting worrisome?  Yep.  Also, some more good Tedy Bruschi content at the bottom of the story.  

  PointGuardU ran a preview of Arizona's offense in 2009