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Offseason Fantasy Basketball League Exclusively for AZ Desert Swarm

If the start of Wildcat Football and NFL at the same time just isn't enough for you then this should help satisfy those cravings. Members of the Arizona Desert Swarm community are invited to play the most innovative fantasy basketball game on the market today coined "Offseason Fantasy Basketball".  

Mock GM is the first fantasy basketball game that enforces the rules of the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement. A user takes over 1 of the 30 NBA GM jobs with rosters as of the 2009 NBA Draft Lottery (Vince is still a Net, Chandler still a Hornet, etc). Each league goes thru the different phases of the offseason leading to the Regular season ie the NBA Draft, and Free Agency. The twist is users can also have the option to form a sports agency and control player movement by the players they represent in free agency. It's a very real and interactive experience. Once the NBA season starts GMs compete head-to-head in an 18-week regular season. Agents compete in a Rotisserie points-based competition.

Here is a link exclusively for AZ Desert Swarm readers - so get in there and get GM'ing: