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Things I'll be Watching For: Arizona vs. NAU

This game is going to be a blowout.  There isn't even a line on this one. The Cats match up at every position with an advantage and should make this one a laugher by halftime.  With that being said, the final score won't matter as much as the experience and repetitions that the guys get.  Here are a few things that I will be looking for today:


1. Nick Foles - It was no surprise that I was disappointed Foles didn't play at all against CMU last week. After the August practices, I thought he was going to be the starter.  Well, I was wrong. Don't get me wrong, I loved watching (a few minutes of the game...thanks Comcast. Glad I paid for all access) Matt Scott's agility and play-making ability with his feet.  I just think that against faster defenses, Scott's speed may be marginalized and we may need a bigger arm, thus Foles needs some reps.  I think Foles will get lots of time today.

2. Timing - Throughout the first game this year I felt that our passing game was lacking timing.  Even Scott's interception was thrown just a bit short and to the inside of his streaking receiver.  A few fee farther down-field and to the outside and it may have been a completion instead of a pick.  Regardless, I would like to see some slants, quick outs, and fades in this game to help get the receivers on the same page as our QB's.

3. Greg Nwoko - There was so much hype surrounding Nwoko in August that I thought he was going to be our short yardage guy.  No questions asked. You need a yard, put in Nwoko. You need 2 yards, put in Nwoko. No surprises. Line up, let your big boys body up man for man and let Nwoko punish anyone who tries to stop him.  PLEASE.

4. Adam Hall - What's the deal with him. Redshirting or not? I want to see him play.