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Post Game React: Arizona 34 Northern Arizona University 17

The outcome was: Less than desirable. 34-17? Really? Who else was expecting at least a 30 point blowout? The Cats lackluster performance against NAU has me concerned for this week's game. Really concerned. Our program is headed in the right direction with a boatload of talent at our skill positions and plenty of muscle on the lines to be knocking around programs like NAU. Matt Scott was pressured way too many times. The receivers were unable to create space. Our defense gave up long drives and many times their receivers were wide open, only to have Michael Herrick over throw them. Concerned. You betcha.

The Offensive MVP was: Nic Grigsby. Again. The dude is a monster. Completely underrated. He is tough enough to hit holes and run over people and fast enough to reel off an 94 yard rush (that last yard was a tough one). Grigsby had 15 carries for 207 yards, averaging 13.8 per carry.

The offensive Offensive MVP was: Matt Scott. 14-20 with 150 yards. Not bad, heh? Well, actually, it was bad. Scott's incompletions were atrocious. Constantly overthrowing receivers, missing a completely open man, and his timing was terrible. His rushing ability is great, but his passing skills are sub par. This is something that worries me when we play higher level competition. Scott's rushing ability will be marginalized by opposing defenses who have speed themselves.

The Defensive MVP was: Trevin Wade. Two interceptions. Great game. He also had 5 tackles on the night. Trevin has emerged as a key component to our secondary, helping step up on the run while shutting down receivers and posing as an interception threat on almost every pass his way. Great game for this young man.

The offensive Defensive MVP was: Ummm. I don't think I can single out anyone on this. Everyone, with the exception of Wade and Elmore, looked pretty mediocre. Let's hope we step it up against Iowa.

Iowa Fear Factor: The Cats are looking to head into Big Ten Country this weekend and steal one away from their toughest non-conference opponent of the year. Some say the Big Ten is overrated, but playing on their turf (any of them) is always a daunting task. Kind of like the Pac-10. Iowa has beaten Northern Iowa this year, 17-16, and crushed lowly Iowa State, 35-3. This game has been on the radar for awhile and will be a tough one. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Foles Watch: I may be going out on a limb here, and the guy does reign from my high school's rival, but Nick Foles, in my mind, is our quarterback. His presence in the pocket is unmatched by Scott. Foles is huge, can see over the linemen and has an absolute GUN for an arm. I mean NFL style gun. He was 6-8 for 44 yards and a TD. He did have one fumble on the night but what do you expect on your third pass of the night after getting 0 reps in the first game? I am saying this now and saying it early: Scott's speed will be marginalized by faster defenses in the Pac-10. Nick Foles should be getting more reps and should be our QB for the year. No question. Got a problem with that?