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BREAKING NEWS: Rob Gronkowski reportedly out for season is reporting that tight end Rob Gronkowski is out for the season, and will have back surgery next week.

Ryan Finley of the Star also reported that Stoops is expected to make an announcement regarding Gronkowski's status after today's game, or at Monday's press conference.

I do not think anyone believed Arizona would be without Gronk this season after hearing of an off-season back strain. I did not even think that he would be out for the Iowa game, let alone the entire season.  Clearly, if the report is true, losing Gronk for this season will have a huge impact on the outcome of the season.

Worst case scenario from here out:  Gronk medical redshirts, declares for NFL Draft, and says see ya later to the Cats. Yes, it could happen, he will be eligible to declare after this season.  Best case: Gronk's injury does not requrie surgery, and he somehow makes it back on the field this season. 

Again, Big Rob, get healthy.