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Arizona 16 Iowa 27 Quick React


Arizona was held to just 8 first downs in this one as the Cats fall 27-17 to the Hawkeyes in Iowa City.  Arizona wasn't able to put ANYTHING together all day.  The offense sputtered and the defense held Iowa as long as they could.  This game really highlights the weaknesses and should give the Cats a baseline to go off of to get better each week. 


Give credit to our defense for keeping us in this one for as long as they did. Matt Scott was just 4-14 for 50 yards and an INT while Nick Foles was 6-11 for 55 yards and a TD. Again, no big play ability on the offensive side of the ball. 

Congrats to Trevin Wade who had another interception and returned this one for a 38 yard TD score.  Arizona fought hard in this one but Iowa was too tough in the end. We'll dive into all the analysis. For now, don't hold your head too low. We've got to regroup next week at Oregon State.

Oh yeah. Foles should be the QB. Y'all already know how I feel about that.