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Quick React: Arizona 37 Oregon State 32

Big game for Wildcat Nation.  Nick Foles asserted himself as the starting quarterback for now, and the future.  The defense did what they had to do, and made big plays when necessary. 

I hate to whine about the referees, but man, did they blow some serious calls today.  Two reviews were ridiculously wrong:  Oregon State's 2 point conversion, and Canfield's "first-down" run on 4th down in the 4th quarter.  On both plays, it was clear that they did not cross the plane of the endzone, or get the first down, yet the officials on the review thought otherwise.  Color me confused.

Regardless, big win by Arizona.  The Pac-10 is wide open now with USC and Cal both having a conference loss, and the Trojans and Bears matching up next week.  Why not Arizona?  Exactly.  Let's see Nick "Sunshine" Foles grow into this role.  He led a great offense this week without Nic Grigsby and Keola Antolin

Great road win for Arizona.  Let's build off this.  Go Cats! Bear Down everybody!