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Season Preview: BCS and Heisman

Today, at ADS, we make our picks for the BCS bowl games, and the Heisman trophy winner.   Feel free to disagree in the comments.

Rose Bowl

  Smooty: Cal (Pac-10) vs. Ohio State (Big Ten)

  joenewby4040: USC (Pac-10) vs. Penn State (Big Ten)

Fiesta Bowl

  Smooty:  USC (At-large) vs.  Oklahoma (At-large)

  joenewby4040: Oklahoma (Big-12) vs. Boise State (At-large)

Orange Bowl

  Smooty: Florida State (ACC) vs. South Florida (Big East) 

  joenewby4040: Virginia Tech (ACC) vs. West Virginia (Big East)

Sugar Bowl

  Smooty: LSU (At-large) vs. Virginia Tech (At-large)

  joenewby4040: Alabama (At-Large) vs. Ohio State (At-Large)

BCS Title Game

  Smooty: Texas (Big 12) vs. Florida (SEC)

  joenewby4040: Texas (Big 12) vs. Florida (SEC)

Heisman trophy


   - Winner:  Colt McCoy

   - Runner-up: Jahvid Best


  - Winner: Colt McCoy

  - Runner-up: Sam Bradford