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Quick Hits September 4, 2009

One day away.  Finally.  Let's all hope that Arizona's season does not start out the same way Oregon's season did.  I am not sure I can remember a player punching another player, after the game, with little provocation.  First-year athletic director Mike Belotti has a tough decision to make regarding Blount's status.  My guess: minimum one game suspension.  On to the links!

  Greg Hansen, at the Star, covers ten reasons why it has been difficult for Mike Stoops and Sonny Dykes to make a quarterback decision.  And no, there still has not been a quarterback decision.

  Arizona's starting guards have a little American Idol in them. 

More quick hits after the jump!

  Central Michigan's star quarterback, Dan LeFevour, has put up some gaudy numberss the past three seasons.

  Oregon's 19-8 loss last night to Boise State was atrocious from several standpoints.