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Smooty's Saturday Viewing Guide

Opening day is here.  Yes, college football "officially" started on Thursday night, but man, that was an ugly two games.  At least for Oregon and N.C. State fans. Not that Boise State and South Carolina were that impressive either.  Nonetheless, it is week one, and optimism abounds.

Week one has some great games to catch if you do not feel like being outside on summer's last weekend.  I certainly don't.  Hit the jump for Saturday's viewing guide.

10 am ET

College Gameday. It's the first Gameday of the year.  Fowler, Herbstreit, and Corso are back for another season of the best pre-game show in sports.  Set the alarm clock early and hear what they have to say. 

12 pm ET

Ohio State vs. Navy - The Horseshoe - ESPN

Penn State vs. Akron - Happy Valley - Big Ten Network

3:30 pm ET

Notre Dame vs. Navy - Under the Golden Dome - NBC

Oklahoma State vs. Georgia - ABC

7 pm ET

Oklahoma vs. BYU - Dallas Cowboys Stadium - ESPN

8 pm ET

Virginia Tech vs. Alabama - The Georgia Dome - ABC

10 pm ET

Arizona vs. Central Michigan - Arizona Stadium - Arizona Wildcat Sports Network

     If you don't live in an area that receives the new Arizona Wildcat Sports Network game (apparently AWSN already died), go check out the Cats at your nearest sports bar.  If in Chicago, come join Smooty and friends at The Coach House in Lincoln Park.

10:30 pm ET

Washington vs. LSU - Husky Stadium - ESPN

There you go Cats fans.  College football is finally back. Enjoy week one.