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Arizona vs. Central Michigan Quick React

In the future, I'll try to get these up right after the games.  With the 2 hour time difference for me, it makes it kind of tough.  How bout them Cats?  Grigsby put up nice number with 118 yards rushing and a TD while Zendejas matched a school record with 4 field goals on the day.  Scott ended up getting the nod over Foles and was 19-30 with 202 yards and one interception.  The interception was a very close play and I thought our receiver actually had a pretty good chance to make the grab.  I won't fault Scott too much on that one. That DB made an incredible play.

(Ricky Elmore picks up his first sack of the season)

What can you say about our defense? They were awesome. Dan Lefevour only had 108 passing. 108! This guys has set all kinds of records in the MAC and nationally.  We held him to 108 yards. VunaTuihalamaka intercepted Lefevour on CMU's first possession for his first of the year.  Tuihalamaka was absolutely everywhere last night.  We'll be back later in the day or tomorrow to grade the defense coaching plan for the CMU game.