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Gronk to NFL?

Arizona tight end Rob Gronkowski has told the Arizona Daily Star that he will declare for the NFL Draft if he is cleared medically. 

The decision will be announced Wednesday.  Gronk filed his paperwork with the NFL to gauge interest from NFL teams.  Apparently the interest was high enough for him and his family to decide that if he is healthy, and recovered from back surgery, he will forgo his senior season.

Gronk is a super-freak of an athlete, but I question this move.  He is entering a draft class with Oklahoma's Jermaine Gresham and Oregon's Ed Dickson -- two players who could very easily be selected before Gronk.  If he comes back to Arizona for his senior, I think he could be a top-15 selection in the 2011 NFL Draft. 

At this point, clearly it is all speculation.  But I think I speak for Arizona fans everywhere when I say: COME BACK FOR ONE MORE YEAR ROB!

Bear Down Cats fans.