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Quick Hits January 12, 2010

Here's a quick hit of Wildats news from around the interwebs.

Arizona hired former Colorado defensive backs coach, Greg Brown, to be co-defensive coordinator with current assistant head coach Tim Kish.  Brown and Kish will split the game-planning and play-calling responsibilities.  If you are thinking this sounds a bit unique, you are correct.  Not only has Arizona never had co-defensive coordinators, but since 1980 it has only employed five coaches with said title. 

Former Arizona-recruit and current Washington guard, Abdul Gaddy, met with Lute Olson after Sunday's game, and thought about what would have been.

Greg Hansen, of the Daily Star, thinks Sunday's game is a sign the young Cats are turning the corner.  I am not as convinced yet.  Like we have said numerous times previously on this site, this team is going to be as volatile as the stock market.  Expect some peaks and valleys.  It is all a part of the arduous learning curve for a new coach and a rebuilding program.


Arizona guard MoMo Jones made a recruiting pitch in-game to big-time recruit Josh Selby on Sunday.  Thank you MoMo!

Former USC baseball star, and Roger Maris record-smasher, Mark McGwire admitted he used steriods.  Yea, no sh*t.