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Arizona @ Washington State: Questions begging answers.

It’s Washington State week, and it’s time to take a look at the major questions that face the Wildcats before they head up to Pullman this Saturday. Certainly, the OSU game this past Saturday raised numerous questions. However, let’s focus on those related to the upcoming contest.

How badly is CB Trevin Wade injured, and will he play this Saturday?

This is the question Arizona head coach Mike Stoops will hear over and over this week. All that has been revealed thus far is that he took a helmet to his thigh, and had some soreness. What the heck that means, I don’t know. In football speak, ‘soreness’ could be anything from a little bruise to a major contusion. We know that he didn’t practice today, and CBs Jonathan McKnight and Shaquille Richardson have been named the contenders to start if he can’t. More info on this as it becomes available.


Will the Wildcats run the ball more against the Cougs than they have so far this season?

The run was very effective against Washington St. last season, and everything I’ve seen of them so far this season suggests it would be just as effective. I would expect to see a significant increase in carries and total yards for the Arizona RBs.

What, if any, changes will be made to the Arizona defense?

The fans at the stadium this past Saturday were screaming for more press and man coverage. However, it seems that, if anything, Stoops prefers limiting the one on one match-ups. I’m unsure here. I still believe the Arizona defensive staff to be among the best in the nation. I will err on the side of coach Stoops’ opinion, but I admit to a strong desire to see more press coverage. The DBs seemed to be hanging back and waiting to see what the WRs would do. That was very frustrating. But again, I trust that coach Stoops knows what he is doing. He is a much more intelligent coach than people believe.

Will the Wildcats use the loss to OSU to fuel them in Pullman?

I certainly hope so. I would be disappointed if they didn’t play Washington St. like they had personally insulted every member of the Wildcats roster. Arizona just got embarrassed. They better go out there and put on a dominant performance on both sides of the ball, if for no other reason than to remind everyone with a poll vote that the Wildcats aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Have questions of your own? Ask them in the comments, and I’ll chime in with my two cents.