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Pac-10 Chat: Arizona Edit

Another week, another Arizona edit of the Pac-10 chat held by’s Ted Miller. Good stuff as usual. One disturbing find is that some view the hit that injured James Rodgers as a dirty one. Ted Miller rightly disagrees with that assertion. Also, some discussion of the Pac-10 officiating.

Franklin (Tampa)- Is Arizona a "dirty" team?

Ted Miller- You mean like covered in dirt like Pig Pen? As for style of play: No. And if you are referring to the play on James Rodgers, I don't think that was a dirty play. It might have deserved a flag, but if you've ever played DB, you know exactly why the Arizona safety did what he did.

Scott (PDX)- Theodore, I know you received my email regarding officiating in the Pac-10. I'll keep it a bit shorter here, as I expect once again to not be answered. How does the Pac-10 ever expect to be the commodity that LS wants to be without addressing the inexplicably poor level of officiating in the conference. Furthermore, how to they change the culture of the game for unacceptable hits? I am of course referring to the brothers Rodgers. Flags wouldn't have stopped the hits, or injuries in their cases. However, it's time for the Pac-10 to punish crew who make such poor judgments. Only by throwing flags for these type of hits can we hope to limit injuries and protect the best players league wide. Your thoughts, and mind you LK, and many others agree with me.

Ted Miller- They are trying to improve officiating. It's not like the Pac-10 wants to be known for bad officiating. They are trying to protect players, but judgment calls in a physical game are tough. Like the James Rodgers injury: Because I don't have an agenda on the play, I don't think it was dirty. I'm 50-50 on whether a flag should have been thrown. The AZ safety went a bit too far on trying to knock the ball out or force a juggle from James.

Jimmy (Houston)- Ted, It seems as though the national media has really jumped on the Pac10 bandwagon touting them as the best conference in the country this season. I am not sure why the league is getting a pass after such a dismal bowl performance last season and the fact they have really beaten no one non-conference this season to be thought of as the strongest conference in the country. I would easily put the Big10 and SEC ahead of the Pac10. I still have yet to see any signs of defense being played in the Pac10

Ted Miller- Iowa? At Texas... 10-4 vs. BCS conference foes. You would not put the Big Ten "easily" ahead of the Pac-10 because I know you don't want to be considered a silly person. Vegas certainly wouldn't do that. The bowl performance was bad in 2009. But what about the perfect bowl record in 2008? Bowls are often separate seasons unto themselves. The Pac-10 is very good this year, particularly in terms of depth. It is clearly the deepest conference, top to bottom. Is it the best? Heck if I know. It seems most folks position on that depends on where they live. It's a purely academic argument.

Mark (Tucson)- Do you believe that Arizona can give the ducks a run for their money, and maybe even pull an upset in Eugene?

Ted Miller- Sure... Arizona is good.

Mike (Seattle, WA)- Ted, what’s you take on everyone disliking the pac-10 games kicking off at 7PM. You love-em or hate-em?

Ted Miller- I like day games... I get sleepy at night.

As a whole, the chat is a pretty good read this week. Check out the entire chat here.