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Pac-10 Power Rankings: Week 7

Well, there was some turnover at the top of the Pac-10 Power Rankings this week.  It looks like Oregon State is making its annual (and predictable) race for conference relevancy, even if Arizona's defense gifted them the win last Saturday.  Oregon sure looks like the runaway leader at this point.  There is a ton of football still to be played, so the Ducks shouldn't get too comfortable.

*First-place votes in parentheses

1.  Oregon (3) - The clear-cut favorite.  However, the Pac is rarely a conference that sees an unbeaten champ.  Arizona and Oregon State still loom on the Ducks' schedule.

2.  Stanford - The Cardinal have potentially the most favorable schedule of the remaining power-players in the Pac-10.

3. Oregon State - The kids from Corvallis are trending up.  The loss of James Rodgers hurts, but Oregon State has the weapons to overcome it.

4.  Arizona - One month mirage, or a one-week letdown?  This stretch of (very) winnable games in October will go a long way towards deciding which half of the Pac Arizona ends up on.

5. USC - The Trojans have tons of talent (See: close loss at Stanford), but the theme of the season prevails: can they keep it together all year with nothing to play for but pride?

6. Cal - Hard to pin them down.  The model for Pac-10 above-averageness.

7. Arizona State [tie] - Decent road win in a (formerly) difficult place to play.

7. Washington [tie] - Sark is sitting on the tepid seat.  No, it's not hot, or even warm.  Not yet.  Some more home losses to presumed inferior teams, and the old alums at Montlake my get restless.

9.  UCLA - Only a few more weeks until hoops season, Bruins fans.

10.  WSU - One step at a time.