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My Week 7 Pac-10 Picks

Arizona 38 - Washington St. 3: Heading into this weekend, it is easy to write off the Washington St. game as little more than a ‘walkthrough’ for the Arizona Wildcats. Let’s state the obvious. Arizona is outperforming Washington St. in every statistical category. If the Wildcats play to their potential, this game will be a landslide victory for Arizona.

Don’t get riled up, Coug fans, this is not me picking on your team. I am just expressing my high opinion of the Wildcats this season. Washington St. will be back one day. Just not Saturday.

This game will be a great opportunity for both the offense and the defense to work on increasing the overall chemistry and understanding of their schemes. And maybe, (please dear Lord), the defense will try running a little man coverage. I know the Stoops clan loves zone defense, and I have a high opinion of Mike Stoops’ defensive mind. But, from the standpoint of a fan, it would be nice to see them mix it up a little bit every now and then.

Cal 21 - USC 14: I am pretty high on the California Golden Bears right now. And surprised at how unimpressive USC has been so far this season. I predict that the Cal defense will shock a lot of people this weekend. The Cal offense will do just enough to get the win, and announce to anyone that hasn’t been paying attention that Cal will be a major factor in deciding the final Pac-10 standings.

Oregon St. 27 - Washington 13: Oregon St. finally arrived as a Pac-10 contender last weekend in Tucson. The party will continue over a remarkably overrated Huskies squad. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Even if Washington QB Jake Locker were the best dual threat QB in the country, (He’s not.), he needs quality players around him to win. The dream of a bowl game will suffer a major blow this weekend, and whatever hope remained for Locker to be a Heisman candidate will die. The sad fact is that to be a Heisman candidate, your team needs to win.

Disagree? Let me know in the comments, and give me your pick for the games.