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Is Matt Scott Arizona's 'once and future king'?

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Any concern that Arizona QB Matt Scott wasn't ready to start can officially be put to rest. Scott looked like a seasoned veteran, leading the Wildcats to a 44 - 14 victory. He rushed for 65 yards and completed 18 of 22 attempts for 233 yards and 2 TD's. Scott clearly out-played the over-hyped Jake Locker, and moved the ball down the field better than Nick Foles has all season. While some of that may have been the result of the poor Washington defense, for the most part it was just Scott consistently making plays and moving the football.

Matt Scott entered last season as the heir apparent to Willie Tuitama, and lost the starting job only after a horrific showing against Iowa. Nick Foles came in and never gave up the starting job. But now, Scott has been given a second chance. With Foles out anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months with a knee injury, and with Scott playing so well, he may just steal back the starting job.

While Foles seems to be the more accurate passer, Scott is certainly capable. With his speed, it was expected that he would scramble, and he did, a little. The unexpected benefit of that speed? Huge yards for Keola Antolin. It seemed that every time Scott faked the run, and handed off the ball, half the defense would follow him. That was certainly a pleasant surprise.

So why did he look so good? I find it most accurate to say that Matt Scott moved the ball more effectively, through the air and on the ground, than Nick Foles has all season. He may not have had as many long bombs, but his offensive game just looked better. Time will tell if he can keep this up.

At the start of last season, Matt Scott had been crowned the savior, and the leader of the Wildcats. He had the starting job handed to him. Now, he has the chance to earn a crown. One thing is certain, Matt Scott's passing issues have been resolved, and Nick Foles had better watch his back. His starting job might not be available when his knee heals up.