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Pac-10 Power Rankings: Week 9 (Halloween Edition!)

Quick-hit power rankings this week, except instead of our typical amazing ADS analysis, the teams will be ranked according to which Halloween candy their spot in the poll best imitates.  Now, you can never say we aren't festive around here. 

Hit the jump for ADS' take on the conference, just past the half-way point.

*First-place votes in parenthesis

1)  Oregon (2) - King Size Snickers bar.  Oh snap. The house on the block that serves these is why we carry two masks in our candy-bag.  A second return trip.
2)  Arizona - King Size Reeses.  Still King Size, but does not quite carry the weight of the Snickers. 

3)  Stanford - Regular size Twix.  Pretty good Halloween treat.  Not quite King Size.

4)  Oregon State - Nerds.  They may underwhelm at first, but they usually end up a pretty solid choice.

5)  USC - Rice Krispie Treat/Marshmallow squares.  Inconsistent as all hell, but when they are good, they are as good as any treat on the list. 

6)  Cal - Charleston Chew.  You always think it will be better than it is.  

7)  Washington - Miniature Snickers.  I see what they are doing, but the lack of substance isn't worth the hype.

8)  UCLA - WarHeads.  A lot going on, but I've never seen less done with more.  And sour.

9)  Arizona State - Miniature jawbreakers.  Sometimes it feels like they just hit you in the mouth.  Most times, they stink.

10)  Washington State - Candy Corn, circa 1997.