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What should Arizona coach Mike Stoops do with his two QBs?

It’s a valid question. More now than ever, with the stellar performance of backup QB Matt Scott. Clearly, Scott won’t be stealing the starting job. But does that mean that coach Stoops will banish him to the bench? Maybe not.

Nick Foles is, when healthy, the better and more accurate passer. No question. Scott, however, has vastly improved his passing game this season and is a major threat to scramble for first downs and more. As demonstrated in the Washington game, Scott’s mobility could make him a more ‘dangerous’ QB than Foles. Was Scott passing as accurate as Foles does on a regular basis? No. But that is more a statement of Foles’ incredible accuracy. Matt Scott possesses above average accuracy, and the ability, when his WR’s are covered, to run for the first down and keep a drive alive.

So cue the talk from coach Stoops of working in a package for Scott in each game. Now I know that anybody who watched this process last season is groaning at that possibility. I am one of the people that has been so dead set against it. But let me play devil’s advocate here.

While the previous incarnation of this idea didn’t work at all, it may have been the way Scott was used that led to its failure. Scott was sent in cold, and often ran designed QB run plays. The defense would count on him running the ball, and thus he was largely ineffective. I propose a different system.

Instead of putting Scott in for only one series, put him in for three to four. Maybe one per quarter. He can handle it, and wouldn’t be coming in cold. Ditch the designed run plays, as was the case in the Washington game, and let him run only when nobody is open. The benefits to this are obvious. It would force the coaching staff to commit to establishing the run, something Arizona fans have been screaming for and worked very well last week. It would force opposing defenses to prep for two different offenses, leaving them less prepared than they would have otherwise been. It would keep two QB’s ‘hot’, something that would pay immediate dividends should either of them be injured.

I propose that coach Stoops start doing this against UCLA, to force Stanford to prepare for both a pocket and a dual-threat QB. If Foles looks anything less than 100%, pull him after a few plays. This will lead to speculation that he has been benched in favor of Scott. Again, that would lead to Stanford wondering who to prepare for.

Yes, I am very much aware that I’m starting to sound like tinfoil hat guy. Yes, I’m aware that I railed against a two-QB system earlier this season. But after seeing how much Scott has improved his passing game and his decision making skills, I really believe this can and will work.

Don’t agree? Tell me. And if you’ve got a better idea of how to utilize Scott, put it in the comments. I’d really enjoy reading it.

Bear Down, ‘Cat fans. Beat UCLA!