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Pac-10 Chat, Week 9: Arizona Edit’s Pac-10 blogger, Ted Miller, has yet another entertaining chat. Complete with an interesting exchange…with himself. Enjoy the Arizona bits, and read the entire chat here.

Kyle (Boston)- Why don't Pac 10 officials flag Mike Stoops more often for running on the field? His "sideline" antics during the Washington game were embarrassing.

TM- I find him amusing. His team was playing great yet Stoops looked like he was having a horrible, no-good, rotten very bad day. I wish folks could get a chance to chat with Stoops. He's much different than what your image might be. Folks around Arizona speak highly of him, how he treats people, not just "important" people.

Neil G (redondo beach ca)- Hi Ted- It seems the media is totally ignoring Arizona as a threat to Stanford. Presuming the beat UCLA as expected, they go into Stanford with one of the top defenses in the country. Yes its an away game, but with the exception of Toby G. from last year, the Cardinals have the same team as last year. Can you see the 15th ranked team in the nation going to the rose bowl this year if they beat Stanford and run the table with the exception of Oregon?

TM- I think that game is a pick 'em. At 10-2, Arizona might be able to slip into the Rose Bowl... if Oregon played a non-AQ for the national title, the Rose Bowl could keep a Big Ten-Pac-10 game...


Daryl (Tucson)- If Matt Scott puts up huge numbers this week who starts against stanford? I would have to say scott. Foles has not looked very good this year other then the final drives against Cal and Iowa. Im not sure if he was even on the field in those games until the last drive

TM- I asked OC Seth Littrell that this week: He said Foles won't lose his starting job due to injury but Scott has earned some playing time going forward.

Dan Jenkins (Eugene, OR)- Three Oregon gamedays this season? v Stanford, USC, .... AZ the day after thankgiving please?

TM- Maybe, if Arizona beats Stanford and Oregon is still unbeaten. Not my call though.

Andrew (Montgomery, AL)- Sorry, but no way Arizona-Oregon gets Gameday on the day after Thanksgiving. There's a little game taking place that day called the Iron Bowl.

TM- yeah... that might be a biggie, too.

Oscar (Los Angeles)- Can you make an argument that Robert Woods is already the best WR in the Pac 10? Guy is a beast!

TM- Criner.

Bryan (Oakland)- I must not be watching enough Pac 10 games. Who is Criner?

TM- Arizona's Juron Criner... best WR in Pac-10.

Marcie (San Francisco)- If Oregon and Boise St meet in the NC game, what are the chances that the Rose Bowl selects the #2 Pac-10 team that has 1 loss?

TM- IN that scenario, good. The Rose Bowl would want to match the Pac-10 and Big Ten. So 11-1 Stanford, or even 10-2 Arizona, would be promising picks opposite the Big Ten champ.

Marcie (San Francisco)- Why 10-2 Arizona - how come they can afford to have 2 loses and Stanford can't?

TM- was just playing out the scenario where Oregon plays for NC -- oregon would have to beat Arizona. But 10-2 stanford would also be possible.

Stuart (Tucson)- On the off-chance Arizona or Oregon State take down Oregon, and all the other major AQ teams get one loss, what do you think the chances are we could see 2 Non-AQ teams in the NC game?

TM- remote.... that means two non-AQs would be 1-2 in the BCS standings. I think an one-loss SEC team after the SEC title game would at least rank No. 2.

Ted Miller (AZ)- How do you like getting questions from people acting like they are someone else?

TM- Ted: would you go get me a sandwich?Ted: shut up and do your job.Ted: Be nice.Ted: Don't make me smack you!

Larry Scott (Walnut Creek, CA)- Which one is a bigger achievement...Oregon winning the cyrstal football or Arizona winning the Rose Bowl?

TM- yes. to the previous question. And National title to the second.