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The Swarmies: Week 9

Ok, Wildcat faithful.  As you watch the Arizona Wildcats take to the gridiron to face the UCLA Bruins, keep in mind that your votes are wanted and needed for this week's Swarmies.  And keep in mind, if you see someone making an impact, but they're not necessarily the best player of the game, put them up for an 'honorable mention'.  You can send your votes in the comments or to my email address,

This week's categories:  Offensive MVP;  Defensive MVP;  Special Teams MVP;  Freshman MVP;  Honorable Mention;  Biggest Play of the Game (as suggested by AZ Desert Swarm member TouchdownColts)

If you think we need to add another category, tell us.  And if you don't want to vote for every single category, that's fine.  Any and all votes will be counted.  I look forward to hearing from all of you.  Bear Down, Wildcat fans!