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Pac-10 Power Rankings: Week 6

The Power Rankings are back, and more muddled than ever.  Teams one through three should be pretty easy to guess, but after that, everyone (with the exception of WSU) has shown flashes of brilliance, combined with moments of ineptitude.  At this point, it is entirely unclear where teams four through nine are headed. 

Was that the real Washington this past Saturday?  And, the real Jake Locker, leading the game-winning drive on the road?  Or, will Nebraska-Jake rear its ugly head again?  Can Arizona State continue to fight to the last seconds of every game, but come up just short?  And, USC.  What in the hell do you make of USC?  Side note:  pretty amazing Les Miles-esque clock management skills by Lane Kiffin in the waning minutes of the USC-Washington game.  Kiffin sat on all of his timeouts, allowing Washington to chew up the entire game-clock, allowing the Dawgs to kick a last second field goal.  /headexplodes.

Hit the jump for this week's power rankings.

*First-Place votes in parenthesis

1.  Oregon (3) - the class of the Pac.

2.  Arizona - The Cats haven't had to deal with sustained success since Desert Swarm.  The Beavers pose a large test this week.

3. Stanford - Stanford played a great first half at Autzen.  Then, the 3rd quarter started.

4. Oregon State - Hey, Pac-10, this is about the time Oregon State goes all assassin on everyone.  Be warned.

5. USC - Ugh. This seems entirely too high.  When have they looked good this season?

6. Cal [tie] - Two tough losses notwithstanding, this is a talented football team.  Can they bring it together?

6. Washington [tie] - Big win for Sark and Jake.  Although USC is now, merely, USC.

8. UCLA - Not a great follow-up to the Texas win.  But, then again, we all expected a letdown didn't we?

9. ASU - Win a game, move higher.

10. WSU - Cougin' it since 2004.