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Mike Stoops’ Oregon St. Press Conference Notes & Quotes.

What I got from the press conference:

Well, it certainly seems as though the bye week was put to good use. Sounds like a hefty dose of game planning and film watching this past week.

Coach Stoops stated that WR Juron Criner was healthy, and that the focus has been solidly on the Beavers. In fact, the injury news seems favorable.

Coach Stoops heaps praise on the Beavers for their effort so far this season. And is clearly not underestimating them.

Plenty of quotes after the jump, as well as a link to the full press conference video, to keep all you Wildcat fans satisfied for a while.  My favorite being the stuff on former Arizona head coach Dick Tomey.

"Thought it was a good off-week for us. Just had a lot of guys kind of nicked up. And to get healthy, and to rest mentally and physically. So I thought it was a productive week."

On the injured players. "Should be close to 100% participation for the Oregon St. game this weekend"

On the game prep last week. "Had some good work last week on Oregon St. and the variety of things they do offensively. It was good to go back and research some of our past games, and what hurt us. They haven’t changed a whole lot, what they do on either side."

On ASU @ Oregon St. "It was a great win against Arizona St. I thought they played far and away their best and most complete game against a good football team. The quarterback looked like he is starting to get comfortable in what they’re doing."

On Oregon St. so far. "They seem to get much stronger as the season goes on." "It’ll be a tough contest with them. It always is, every time we play them."

On whether the top-10 ranking has any meaning to him personally. "It’s very premature, watching the games and the quality of the teams we have to play. We’ve got to just keep our nose pointed straight ahead, and really just look at Oregon St." "This is just an accumulation of four games. We’ll see where we’re at at the end of all twelve."

On how to prepare for the 'demands' of being a Top-10 team. "We can’t forget how we got to where we’re at and forget who we are." "We’re not talented enough to not play well and win games." "We need to clean up a lot of things and get better as we face a very good Oregon St. team."

On why RB Taimi Tutogi is so important to the Arizona run game. "He gives a lot of different looks, he can make a lot of different blocks. He’s good in space, he’s good catching the ball."

On WR Juron Criner‘s status. "Criner is fine. There’s nothing wrong with him. He’s practiced all week."

On the secondary. "I think our secondary has played great. I like what they’re doing."

On Keenyn Crier so far this season. "Oh, he can punt better, I think he’ll punt better."

On coach Stoops' biggest concern at the moment. "The immediate concerns are stopping the two Rodgers brothers, and understanding Oregon St., how dangerous they are in the as an opponent."

On the Oregon St. game.  "This is going to be an important game in deciding the outcome of the Pac-10 championship."  "I think it’s important that we get out to a better start than we did two weeks ago against Cal."

On the weekend off watching football. "I liked how Harbaugh and Kelly were yelling." (laughing) "I hope they get memos this week too"

On the Zona Zoo. "Seems like they have a lot of fun, they’re always energized."

On former Arizona head coach Dick Tomey being recognized during the Oregon St. game. "Well, I think it’s the right time. Dick has just gotten out of coaching so I think it’s the right time. His legacy is very, very strong here and throughout college football." "Dick’s been a great coach and a good friend, so it’s good to see. I know he loves Arizona and he loves our program. He bleeds red and blue, that’s for sure." "I don’t know if I’m gonna let him give the pep talk this weekend or not, but he knows he’s always welcome here, that’s for sure."

VIDEO - Coach Mike Stoops - Weekly Press Conference: Oregon St.