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Pac-10 Chat: Arizona Edit

Another week, another Pac-10 chat from's Ted Miller.  This weeks chat was even more entertaining than usual.  (The references to 'Back to the Future' were hilarious.)  So check out the Arizona bits, and then read the full chat.  The link is at the bottom, and it's a good read.


Rocco (D.C. [via Tucson])- If Arizona goes to a Rose Bowl, which of the two following scenarios is the most likely way it plays out? 1) Arizona beats Oregon in Eugene. 2) Oregon beats Arizona, but goes to the BCS national title game.

Ted Miller- Arizona beats Oregon... if a Pac-10 team goes to the national championship game, it opens the door for a non-AQ team to play in the Rose Bowl, per BCS rules...

D. Nelson (Eugene)- If the Beavers beat Arizona, as you and Mark Schlabach predict, where do you think they end up in the rankings?

Ted Miller- 19th. Or so.


Anthony Hoeppner (Tucson, AZ)- How could u pick the beavers over the Wildcats at home with the way we r playing defense?

Ted Miller- Just stupid I guess. Wanted to spice up the picks this week. Folks were on me for being predictable.

clay (Arkansas)- Chances of the pac 10 getting to 2 bcs bowls?

Ted Miller- Yes.... Oregon, Stanford and Arizona need to keep winning, though.

Kevin (So Cal)- If the UCLA defense that showed up against Texas and Houston makes its way to Berkley, do you think the Bruins will beat Cal?

Ted Miller- Maybe... but Cal's defense, which mostly shut down Arizona, is also a factor. I think the Bears second take vs. a pistol offense will be much better. But I also wonder if the Bruins might add a wrinkle... should be a good game.

Josh (Sacramento)- What game will you be blogging from on Saturday?

Ted Miller- I'm going back to Tucson.

Shoaib (Michigan)- Ted, Given what we have seen so far how do you see the Pac-10 QB pecking order?

Ted Miller- Luck, Foles, Locker, Barkley, Thomas...

mike (Eugene)- When you make your predictions for the upcoming games, do you look at each team and throughly evaluate them in order to get a winner, or do you just look at the matchup and come up with a winner and guess the points.

Ted Miller- All of the above... I also consult the stars. Sacrifice small animals and read their entrails. I get into my Delorian and make a quick trip (nudge, nudge). Stuff like that.

Mesocell (Raleigh, NC)- Oh no he didn't just hand out a Flux Capacitor excuse to state that's what he based the OSU upset over Arizona...... did he??

Ted Miller- He did.

Logan (Tucson)- Hey Ted, Of all the BCS bowls, I think we can all agree that the Rose Bowl has the most tradition and the Pac-10/Big-10 matchup is the most sacred of all the BCS matchups. With that being said, why does the Non-AQ rule always send the Non-AQ team to the Rose Bowl if there is an opening? Why cant the rule work on a rotating basis year-to-year like the location of the National Title game so the Pac-10/Big-10 don’t always get screwed out of multiple BCS teams if they have a national title contender?

Ted Miller- Rose Bowl only has to do it once over a four-year period. Other BCS bowls have picked non-AQs (Utah in Sugar and Fiesta; Boise in 2 Fiestas).

brandon (Tucson)- Do you think Arizona's defense is overrated?

Ted Miller- No. Well, it might not be the second-best in the nation, but it look pretty darn good against Iowa and Cal, which both have offensive talent.

Eric (L.A., CA)- Ted, Arizona is not a good running team. They are ranked NINTH in the Pac-10. Cal stopping them is not a sign of a good rushing defense.

Ted Miller- That number will change.

Tracy (Eugene)- Ted here you go. Tennessee scored less against Oregon than it did against #12 LSU and top 10 UF.

a.kizzle (tucson)- Ted, who has better defense this year. Huskers or Arizona?

Ted Miller- Huskers.... that Nebraska D is something else. Of course, if Arizona also stuffs Locker and Washington, maybe we reconsider. Nebraska is LOADED with NFL talent on D.

Full chat here.