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Dam the Beavers; it's Oregon State Week

This week represents a major turning-point in the Arizona season.  Win this week, and a 6-0 record heading into Homecoming against Hype Jake Locker and the Huskies is very likely.  Arizona has one of the most difficult schedule closing stretches in the Pac-10; @ Stanford, USC, @ Oregon, and the Territorial Cup against Arizona State.  September was great, but it's over.  Arizona did what it had to do, and there should be no looking back, because each game going forward should occupy enough of their time.  October represents a walk in the park, compared to November and December's gauntlet.  Oregon State is step one. 



And, just in case you haven't manufactured enough hate for Oregon State this week, need I remind you of the last time the Beavers traveled to Tucson

Go Cats.  Bear Down, and beat the Beavers.