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Teasers for Tuition: Week 6

The picks are back after a one week hiatus in hiding.  That's what happens when your collective picks are as bad as ours were two weeks ago (12-18 against the spread).  Now, we are on to a new week, and more opportunities to stumble on our prognasticating faces. 

Five Pac-10 conference games this week that features all ten member schools.  The biggest two games on paper:  Stanford vs. USC, and Arizona vs. Oregon State.   Both, Stanford and USC, are looking to bounce back from two very different losses.  Stanford, lost on the road to Oregon last week, in a game that would have earned them National Title conversations.  USC, on the other hand, lost at home, to a Washington team that had yet to impress anyone.  Arizona had an impressive first month of the season, that resulted in a rankings climb not seen in Tucson in over a decade.  Oregon State has played the toughest schedule thus far; but only has a 2-2 record to show for it. 

It is a big week in the Pac.  The conference hierarchy will look just a bit more clear in 24 hours.  In the meantime, click on the jump to check out our sure to be incorrect picks for week six.


UCLA @ Cal (-7.5)

Smooty: Cal (-7.5)

joenewby4040: Cal (-7.5)

uofafanatic: Cal (-7.5)

Oregon @ WSU (+36.5)

Smooty: WSU (+36.5)

joenewby4040: Oregon (-36.5)

uofafanatic:  WSU (+36.5)

Oregon St @ Arizona (-8)

Smooty: Oregon State (+8)

joenewby4040: Oregon State (+8)

uofafanatic:  Arizona (-8)

USC @ Stanford (-9.5)

Smooty: USC (+9.5)

joenewby4040: Stanford (-9.5)

uofafanatic:  USC (+9.5)

ASU @ UW (-2)

Smooty: ASU (+2)

joenewby4040: Washington (-2)

uofafanatic: Washington (-2)

Michigan St @ Michigan (-4.5)

Smooty:  Michigan State (+4.5)

joenewby4040: Michigan (-4.5)

uofafanatic: Michigan (-4.5)

Alabama @ South Carolina (+7)

Smooty:  Alabama (-7)

joenewby4040: Alabama (-7)

uofafanatic: Alabama (-7)

Florida State @ Miami (-6)

Smooty: Florida State (+6)

joenewby4040:  Miami (-6)

uofafanatic:  Miami (-6)


Smooty Season Record: 15-14

joenewby4040 Season Record: 4-6

uofafanatic Season Record: 3-7