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Quick React: Arizona 27 vs. Oregon State 29

What in the word just happened! Zendejas with a missed FG in the 2nd half is what happened.

Arizona was getting absolutely owned by Ryan Katz and James Rodgers in the first half.  Unfortunately for Rodgers, he exited after a brutal injury to his left knee.  He caught a TD pass that was called back on a penalty by Oregon State and that was the turning point.  Oregon State had a chance to put a dagger in Arizona but Ryan Katz threw a pick in the end zone.  Arizona was sloppy at the end of the first half by committing three penalties in a row that put them deep in their own territory.  Foles also threw an interception in the end zone that absolutely killed the momentum for Arizona. Foles was able to hit Criner who got into Oregon State territory and two throws later, set up a FG for Zendejas from 37 who pushed it right. Not a great start.

Antolin capped off the opening drive in the 2nd half by dashing (yes dashing like a mofo) into the end zone from 33 yards out.  Unfortunately, Zendejas kicked the extra point right into the back of his center.  Oregon State drove the ball right down Arizona's throat on the next series and then THEY missed their extra point.  23-13 Oregon State.

Travis Cobb gets the Cats into great field position (as always) and Foles utilizes his quick strike capabilities to march the Cats down the field.  Then!!! 41 yard TD on a screen to Nic Grigsby who did an excellent job setting up his blocks on the run.  Zendejas gets this one. 23-20 Oregon State.  The Cats stall an Oregon State drive and begin on their own six yard line.  Unfortunately, Criner was tripped up only two yards from getting a first down and they punted it out of the end zone.  Then, Oregon State took over. Drove the ball. Down. Our. Throats. Converted third and four.  Got a first down on the one yard line.  Quizz walks the next play in.  Oregon State misses ANOTHER EXTRA POINT!

Arizona stopped Oregon State and was able to get the ball back.  Foles orchestrated an unbelievable 2 minute drill in which he scrambled at one point for 23 yards and was tackled out of bounds for 1/2 the distance to the goal.  After a dropped TD pass, and a TD pass that was called back, Foles connected with Antolin for a 10 yard strike to make the game 29-27 Oregon State. 

Arizona kicked a great onside kick but was penalized for blocking before the ball went 10 yards.  After that, Oregon State ran the ball three times then punted the ball, giving Arizona only 2 seconds left in the game.  Game over.

We'll dive into the recap later on.  Obviously something was off with our defense.  Playing catch up is 10X harder for an offense to be efficient and stick to the run when there is always an impending TD coming from the opposing team.  Congrats to the Cats for battling all night but as is all too often, Oregon State comes into Tucson and beats the Cats on their own turf.

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