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A tech-fueled game day for Patrick Evans.

Heading into this weekend, I'm thinking about technology again. Specifically the tech that allows me to fuel my sports addiction. With all of the advancements in tech out there, you can follow sports almost anytime and anywhere.  I thought that a good way to illustrate that would be to run through a hypothecal version of this coming Saturday, when I'll be going to watch the Arizona Wildcats face the USC Trojans.  Let's get to it.
0800- I wake up, refreshed. I don't usually sleep in this late. It's off to shower, start some coffee, and get into some jeans and a t-shirt. I'll plop myself down on the couch, grab my laptop, and check for any new sports stories. I'll spend an hour or two checking all the relevant sports web sites, and responding to any comments on AZ Desert Swarm.
0930- I'll turn on the pre-game shows on T.V. I'll typically flip between a couple different pre-game shows, and prepare myself for some good football viewing.
1000- I'll turn on the Iowa game. The Iowa fans were great when they came down to Tucson this year, and I root for the Hawkeyes as long as they aren't playing Arizona. Hopefully I'll see Iowa dominate Northwestern. I would think that is more than likely.
1300- Bathroom break, then time to load up on snacks. I'll grab some chips and dip, a sandwich, and some tonic water.
1330- I'll put on the Penn St. @ Ohio St. game. This one looks good. I'm pretty excited to see how this game turns out. I'll be pulling for Penn St., and for Joe Paterno to get his 401st win. During commercial breaks, I'll get on AZ Desert Swarm and respond to any new comments, and post the final Pac-10 injury report, and any updates on either Arizona or USC. I'll peruse all the relevant sports sites, for any last minute stories.
1630- Time to get moving. I'll run around the house grabbing my keys, wallet, Arizona jacket, Arizona hat, and tickets. I'll jump in the Silverado and head down to my parking spot, just off of the University of Arizona campus. On the way, I'll plug my phone into my truck radio and listen to streaming sports radio.

1645- day at the University of Arizona. Good times. I'll stroll down Cherry Ave. and say hi to the many friendly tailgaters. But I won't linger for long. The concession area awaits. As I'm waiting in line for my Sonoran hot dogs, (Yes, that's plural. I'll be putting away between two and four before kickoff. Can't get enough of those. Just don't tell my doctor.), I'll be checking AZ Desert Swarm on my Samsung Moment phone. By now, the USC @ Arizona game thread will be up and running. I'll post some thoughts on the game, and chat for a bit before chowing down.
1730- Time to climb the ramps to my seat. While I love my seat, it is at the top of five or six steeply inclined ramps. A good opportunity to chat with my fellow Wildcat fans, and remind myself to run more often. As I reach the top level, I rush to get some lemonade and get to my seat. If I'm lucky, I get to my seat in time to see the Wildcats do the ‘Haka', a traditional Hawaiian war dance. It's awesome to see, and I recommend getting to your seats early to watch it. I'll snap some pics of the field and fans, to post them on the site later.
1750- The national anthem, the fireworks, the roar of the crowd as the team rushes the field. Exhilarating. My heart will be beating a mile a minute.
1800- Kickoff. Throughout the course of the game I'll be screaming, jumping up and down, throwing up high fives, and maybe hugging my section-mates. I'll also be checking scores on my phone, and posting to the AZ Desert Swarm game thread.
2100- Hopefully, I'll be celebrating an Arizona Wildcats victory. I'll be texting everyone that I know, and calling random friends. On my way out to the Silverado, I'll pull up my word processor app on my phone, and get started on the game recap that I'll be putting up on the site later that night. It's off to home, to finish up the recap and have a few beers.
2230- I'll kick up my feet, and watch the post-game shows. If I'm feeling up for it, I'll watch the replay of the Arizona game. Then, blissful sleep. But not for too long. Sunday is almost here, and there is football and Arizona Wildcats basketball to watch...
Technology has truly enhanced the sports viewing experience, both in the living room and the stadium. As a proud sports addict, I'm happy to have all of the advancements that have come our way. And I'm eager for more.