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The Swarmies: Week 9 Results

Well, it’s time for another edition of the ‘Swarmies’. The Arizona Wildcat MVPs for the Arizona @ UCLA game. While the Wildcats didn’t deliver the beat down that was expected, there were moments and individuals within the game that deserve to be singled out.

As with last week, there were multiple deserving candidates for each category, (With the exception of the special teams player category. Sorry, won’t budge on that one.) but if you don’t like the winners, then make sure to get your votes in so you have a say. In the event of any tie, I decide who wins. Lets get to it.

Offensive Player of the Game: RB Keola Antolin- Antolin rushed 23 times for 111 yards and a touchdown against the Bruins defense. Antolin is slowly but surely asserting himself as the #1 RB on the roster this season. There was little doubt that he would be the starter next season, but most people (myself included) thought that Nic Grigsby would dominate this season. While Grigsby certainly hasn’t looked bad, Antolin is just more productive on a regular basis. Great game this week, and hopefully a better one at Stanford Stadium this Saturday.

Defensive Player of the Game: DE Brooks Reed- Reed had 6 tackles with a sack against the Bruins. Reed was instrumental in keeping the UCLA run game in check. In the words of AZ Desert Swarm member TouchdownColts, "Brooks Reed’s sack/fumble killed any chance UCLA thought they had to steal the game."

Special Teams Player of the Game: LB Jake Fischer- Fischer was electrifying as he rushed for 29 yards on a punt fake. He looked less like a linebacker than a runningback.

Freshman Player of the Game: CB Shaquille Richardson- ‘Shaq’ continues to impress. He had 5 tackles and a pass deflection, and should be in contention to steal one of the starter spots as the week goes on. He’ll have serious competition for this award this coming week, as DT Justin Washington is expected to play @ Stanford.

Play of the Game: The fake punt.- This wins for several reasons. First and foremost, because it worked. If this had resulted in a turnover, we’d all be crying foul at the decision to run this play. But it worked, and so Stoops is a genius and Jake Fischer wins awards. That’s how it goes. I feel that TouchdownColts hit the nail on the head with this comment. "Great call COACH!! Finally seeing some aggression from an otherwise conservative coach, the most fun season in years!" I agree. Coach Stoops is either feeling more trust in his offense, or in his O.C.’s play-calling. And winning with style points is always fun.

Honorable Mention: WR Juron Criner- Criner accounted for 8 receptions, 127 yards, and a touchdown. Is there any doubt that Criner is flat out the best WR in the Pac-10? Can’t wait to see this guy perform at the next level.

Once again, let me know in the comments if you disagree with any of the winners. If you do, however, then let me know who you think should have won the disputed category.

Bear Down Wildcat fans! Beat Stanford!