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Pac-10 Basketball Pick 'Em: Week 1 Results

The first week of the SBNation Pac-10 Basketball Pick 'Em is complete, and it was a good time.  I'm really going to enjoy picking the Pac-10 games against the other SBNation Pac-10 blogs.  Should be good for some basketball arguments.

The Wildcats look pretty good so far, as does the Pac-10 as a whole.  Some interesting results on a few of the games this week, but over-all the Pac-10 looks solid.  Oregon in particular surprised me, as I thought they would be much stronger than they were this past week.  I'm not sure why, but my gut was telling me the Ducks would be a solid team this season.  We'll see how it goes as the season moves on.

Finishing in sole possesion of first place this week is 'Rule of Tree' with a record of 15-3.

Representing the AZ Desert Swarm staff, I had a record of 13-5, which was better than I expected.

Out of the AZ Desert Swarm fan submissions, TouchdownColts had the best record, at 5-7.

Full standings and actual game results after the jump. Link to full spreadsheet, with all picks, here.

This weeks Pac-10 blog rankings.
1. Rule of Tree (15-3)
2. Building the Dam (14-4)
2. UW Dawg Pound (14-4)
4. AZ Desert Swarm(13-5) (uofafanatic)
4. Coug Center(13-5) (Jeff Nusser)
6. House of Sparky (12-6) (Cory Williams)
7. Bruins Nation(11-7) (Ryan Rosenblatt)
8. California Golden Blogs(10-5) (Avinash)
9. Addicted to Quack (9-6) (David Piper)

Actual game results.
Idaho St. @ Arizona-  Arizona, 42-90
TX-Arlington @ Oregon St.-  Oregon St., 56-71
UC Santa Barbara @ Oregon-  Oregon, 70-72
San Diego @ Stanford-  Stanford, 48-64
Santa Clara @ USC-  USC, 73-86
Pepperdine @ UCLA-  UCLA, 69-79
E. Washington @ Washington-  Washington, 72-98
CS Northridge @ California-  California, 63-80
Arizona St. @ New Mexico-  New Mexico, 62-76
Idaho @ Washington St.-  Washington St., 71-88
Oregon St. @ Seattle-  Seattle, 80-83
Rider @ USC-  Rider, 77-57
New Mexico St. @ Arizona-  Arizona, 57-83
Virginia @ Stanford-  Stanford, 60-81
UAB @ Arizona St.-  Arizona St., 66-69
San Jose St. @ Oregon-  San Jose St., 75-72
USC @ Bradley-  Bradley, 63-64
New Mexico @ California-  California, 64-89

(Note:  As the line-up of games was set before the week kicked off, we missed one.  Tues., Nov. 16th UCLA defeated Pacific, 44-57)