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Pac-10 Basketball Pick 'Em: Week 2 Results

It was another interesting week of Pac-10 basketball, with a few surprises along the way.  I'm pretty happy with where the Wildcats are right now, and the Pac-10 as a whole.  Lets hope the Pac-10 earns a little more respect this season.  I'm still a little bummed that neither Arizona, nor Oregon were able to pull of the upset this week, although Arizona looks to improve as a result of their game with #6 Kansas.  Big thumbs up to Cal, for their defeat of #11 Temple.  That's the way to make the Pac-10 look good.

Ok, so your AZ Desert Swarm staff members took a couple shots to the stomach this week, going 14-5, and finishing 8th out of 9 for week 2.  Ouch.  We'll need to step up our game a bit.

-Week 2 Winner:  Paul J. Thompson- 'Addicted to Quack' (17-9)

-Overall Pac-10 Pick 'Em Leader:  'Rule of Tree' (31-6)

-Fan Submission Winner:  TouchdownColts (12-3)

Full Pac-10 blog standings after the jump, and a link to view all picks by all blogs.

Pac-10 blog rankings, as of November 28th.
1.  'Rule of Tree' (31-6)
2.  'Build the Dam' (30-7)
2.  'UW Dawgpound' (30-7)
4.  'Coug Center' (28-9)
5.  'AZ Desert Swarm' (27-10)
6.  'Addicted to Quack' (26-8)
6.  'California Golden Blogs' (26-8)
8.  'Bruins Nation' (26-11)
9.  'House of Sparky' (22-10)

I can't wait to see how this next week of Pac-10 basketball will go.  Hopefully, Arizona will learn some lessons from the Kansas game, and defeat Rice.

Check out how everyone voted this week.