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Pac-10 Basketball Pick 'Em: Week 3 Games

TouchdownColts was, once again, the winner of fan submissions for week 2.  Will somebody unseat him in week 3?  Join in on the fun, and get your picks for week 3 into the comments of this story.

The rules are simple.  Just pick the winner of each game listed after the jump, and get your picks into the comments.  All comments are time-stamped, and any games that tip-off before you get your picks in will not count for or against you.

I look forward to seeing who you guys pick this week.  Good luck!

Mon., Nov. 29th

Tues., Nov. 30th
Sacramento St. @ Washington St.
Long Beach St. @ #11 Washington 

Wed., Dec. 1st
Arizona @ Rice
Utah Valley @ Oregon St.
UC Davis @ California 

Thurs., Dec. 2nd
Arizona St. @ #13 Baylor
UCLA @ #6 Kansas
#12 Missouri @ Oregon 

Fri., Dec. 3rd
#4 Kansas St. @ Washington St. 

Sat., Dec. 4th
California @ Iowa St.
Texas Tech @ #11 Washington
Oregon St. @ Colorado