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No past, no future, just the Territorial Cup.

Can you feel it?  It's coming.  The Arizona/ Arizona State rivalry game, the Territorial Cup, is this Thursday.  All thoughts of Oregon, Stanford, USC, and the Rose Bowl are forgotten.  What bowl game will Arizona play in?  Who cares.  It doesn't matter.  All that matters is Arizona destroying ASU in Arizona stadium this Thursday.

The rest of America doesn't understand this game.  All they see is yet another rivalry game, with the neat factoid of the night being that it is the oldest trophy game in all of NCAA football.  That's not what this is about.  This is about one of the most vitriolic, and yes, territorial games of football you will ever witness.  The ASU Sun Devils won't be thinking about securing a sixth win, and petitioning the NCAA for an at-large bowl slot.  (As a result of shamefully facing two FCS teams this season, ASU needed to win seven games to be bowl-eligible.  They will be attempting to capitalize on too few teams qualifying for all of the bowl slots.)  They will be trying to knock Arizona down to a lower bowl game.  Just as they kept Arizona out of a bowl game in 2007.  Just as Arizona kept ASU out of a bowl game in 2008.

I don't want to hear any talk from fans of a 'friendly rivalry'.  That's what we have with Iowa, and a few others.  This is the 'Duel in the Desert'.  I want to see the Arizona Wildcats run up the score on the ASU Sun Devils.  If Arizona is up by 21 and they have the ball with 1 minute remaining? Air it out, and ram another touchdown down their throats.  Then go for the two-point conversion.  This is one of the most heated rivalry games in the nation, and nothing short of ruthless, relentless football will do.

Play like there is no yesterday and no tomorrow, Wildcats.  Send those Sun Devils back up to Tempe with tear-filled eyes and sad, empty hearts.

It's Territorial Cup time again, boys and girls. Get out your 'ASWho?' shirts, and ready your vocal chords for 3+ hours of screaming your hatred of those dirty so-and-sos in Tempe.

Bear Down, Wildcats!  Beat the Sun Devils!