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Pac-10 Power Rankings: Week 10

I think you know who #1 is. 

Hit the jump for this week's ADS Pac-10 Power rankings.

As always, the Power Rankings brought to you by uofafanatic and Smooty.

*First-place votes in parenthesis

1) Oregon (2)

2) Stanford

3) Arizona

4) Oregon State

5) USC

6) UCLA [tie]

6) Cal [tie]

8) ASU [tie]

8) Washington [tie]

10) Washington State

The top four can all play their way into the Rose Bowl/BCS.  Lots of football remains however.  This week, the dramatic separation begins for Arizona as they begin a four game gauntlet seen by very few Arizona teams ever.  One week at a time Cats.

Boy, those 6-9 teams are hard to read.  Basically, they are not very good football teams, and based on some voting quirks, we drew two ties this week.  I think most would agree that those four teams are pretty inter-changeable, and ridiculously inconsistent.  The rest of Washington's season looks pretty dire without Locker.  Although, he was not playing that great lately anyway.