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BYU trounces Arizona, but no need for hand wringing.

Not much to say about this one.  BYU got up to an early lead, and never looked back.  Poor FG and 3 point shooting (38% and 28.6%, respectively) prevented the Wildcats from making any type of serious comeback, while Jimmer Fredette put on a clinic (33 points, 10 rebounds) as the Wildcats struggled to make this look like a game.

Don't start the hand wringing just yet.  This game was bad, ok it was awful, but there is a long season ahead of the Arizona Wildcats.  There is every reason to believe that the Wildcats will make the big dance.  And all you have to do to gauge where the Wildcats are right now, is find a fan of any other team.  Then ask them if they want to play Arizona in the NCAA tournament.  Odds are, with the depth at every position, the answer will be a loud and fast no.

Keep in mind, this is the regular season, and this is when the team will figure itself out.  There will be growing pains.  And, occasionally, the Wildcats will get taken to the woodshed.  Arizona will learn from this beating, and will be the better for it.

This isn't football, this is basketball.  Arizona doesn't need to go undefeated, they just need to get into the tournament.  So turn your eyes towards the end of the season, Wildcat fans, and just try to tell me that it doesn't look promising.

Post game recap video and other recaps linked after the jump.

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