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Pac-10 Basketball Pick 'Em: Week 4 Results

Another great week of Pac-10 basketball.  The surprise of the week has to be that Texas A&M was able to defeat Washington with a last second block.  The most painful game of the week, for me at least, was the 87-65 beating Arizona suffered at the hands of BYU.  And believe me, BYU was being classy.  They could have scored 100, easy.

Your AZ Desert Swarm Staff members did ok this week, going 12-4, but maintained our position in the middle of the overall standings.

-Week 4 Winner:  'Jeff Nusser- Coug Center'

-Overall Pac-10 Pick 'Em Leader:  'UW Dawgpound'  Uh oh, a new leader.  Looks like Rule of Tree is in trouble...

-Fan Submission Winner:  It was a tough one this week, but the tie breaker was that one person picked more games than the other.  'DARRYLG'

Full standings, and link to the spreadsheet with all week 3 picks after the jump.

Pac-10 blog rankings, as of Dec. 12th
1.  'UW Dawgpound' (53-13)
2.  'Building the Dam' (52-14)
2.  'Rule of Tree' (52-14)
4.  'Coug Center' (51-15)
5.  'AZ Desert Swarm' (49-17)
6.  'Bruins Nation' (46-20)
7.  'Addicted to Quack' (46-17)
8.  'California Golden Blogs' (45-18)
9.  'House of Sparky' (39-16)

Full spreadsheet with all picks here.