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Pre-Game Q&A: Oklahoma St.

Samuel Bryant of 'Cowboys Ride For Free' has again been kind enough to take some time to educate the Arizona Wildcats fans about the Oklahoma St. Cowboys.  I'm really getting excited to see how this game goes, and Dec. 30th can't come soon enough.

Enjoy, then check out his answers to my questions about Oklahoma St. here.

1. Many Wildcats fans know little of the Oklahoma St. Cowboys, other than "I'm a man! I'm 40!". Although, admittedly, that was awesome. Can you give us a sense of the team? Specifically, what is your opinion of the football program this season.
SB- I think the season recap covered this one.

2. In addition to the Alamo Bowl, Arizona and Oklahoma St. will face off in a home and home series beginning next September. Is this the beginning of another 'friendly rivalry', as the Wildcat fans have enjoyed with Iowa? I'll admit, it was fun sharing a beer and some Sonoran hot dogs with the Hawkeye fans.
SB- I would assume so. Stillwater is a pretty chill town so most visiting fans leave with a good impression. As with most college towns, it is pretty common for Cowboys tailgaters to invite visiting fans to have a beer, food, play some pong, watch the day games, etc. And I don't know what a Sonoran hot dog is... but we have this thing that is called a Grillaroni that is basically a pepperoni infused hot dog that is outstanding. They have em at about half of the concession stands in Boone Pickens Stadium and I highly recommend... especially if you are a calorie counter as I think one is only like 6,000 calories.

3. Who are the Cowboys' home run hitters? Who should we be worried about breaking a big play on offense?
SB- You probably know about the Biletnikoff winner Justin Blackmon, Doak Walker finalist Kendall Hunter, and 1st Team All Big XII QB Brandon Weeden... those would be the main focal points. The other big play man would be RB Joseph Randle who is as much of a receiving threat as a runner. The dude has some great route running instincts and is electric in the open field.

4. Who should we watch out for, on offense and defense, that ESPN won't be talking about?
SB- Randle would be #1. Then WR Josh Cooper and Bo Bowling who are our over-the-middle consistent route runners that thrive in all the open space Blackmon creates by stretching the secondary. On Defense Andrew McGee has 6 ints on the season and is great in one-on-one coverage. True Freshman LB Shaun Lewis is a turnover machine as well as he is one of those guys that just seems to have a nose for the ball. And the DEs are usually pretty good at providing pressure and containment so the Wildcats OTs will need to be ready to deal with them.

5. What concerns you the most about facing Arizona?
SB- After reading your blog I would say seeing Arizona come out in A+ form. They obviously have some playmakers and the ability to put up some points, the performance just hasn't been there on a consistent basis. I would say what worries me the most is everything coming together in San Antonio and the Wildcats playing like the team that dispatched Iowa.