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Coaching rumors: Good news out of Arizona

Plenty of good news on the Arizona Wildcats coaching vacancies.  Apparently, coach Stoops' phone has been blowing up with coaches applying for the open positions.  The positions that need to be addressed immediately are defensive tackles coach and defensive backs coach.  There is also the possibility that one of the hires will be co-defensive coordinator, as Greg Brown was, but there is nothing solid on that yet.

Another bit of good news, if you believe it, is that QB coach Frank Scelfo flat out stated that he's not going anywhere.  Not to be a QB coach at Colorado, and not to be a head coach at Louisiana-Lafayette.  "I've got some unfinished business here, man," "I'm not going anywhere." He added,  "I really think the opportunity to win a Rose Bowl is right here. That's what I think," "Why would I leave?"

That's certainly good news.  Scelfo took the raw and one-dimensional Matt Scott and developed him into a true dual threat QB.  One that will likely be the starter next season. (I strongly believe that Nick Foles will not return, and will declare for the NFL draft.)  Beyond next year?  Arizona has a recruit that didn't play his senior year of high school, a transfer pitcher from Ohio St., and unproven and untested Cameron Allerheiligen.

Arizona will certainly need coach Scelfo to develop these raw QBs into starter material.

Info on a solid candidate for DT coach, and more after the jump.

On the contendors for the vacant coaching positions, perhaps the most intriguing is former Wildcat Joe Salave'a.  Salave'a spent 5 years at the University of Arizona, where he was a two time all Pac-10 selection.  He then moved on to the NFL, where he was drafted by the Houston Oilers, had a one year stint with the San Diego Chargers, and finished his pro playing career with the Washington Redskins.  Salave'a then coached for two seasons with his former coach, Arizona legend Dick Tomey.

Two important factors that may push him over the top.  His ties to the recruiting pipeline of American Samoa and the Hawaiian Islands, and the fact that coach Tomey reportedly called coach Stoops to recommend him.  In fact, coach Tomey can't say enough good things about Salave'a.  "He has tremendous instincts about people. The game is not complicated. People are complicated. Joe was always a superlative effort player and a superlative technique player. Watch the film of the guys who have played for him, and you'll see, they do the same thing."

Even though there is no word that coach Stoops is searching for a LB coach, he has one former Wildcat very interested, and his jersey was just retired.  I'll admit it, it would likely be an upgrade.

Lots of good stuff this week to counter the horrible week that was.  I'm hopeful that coach Stoops will have his new guys in place before the Alamo Bowl.

Bear Down, Wildcat fans!  Beat the Cowboys!