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Arizona barely foils NAU's upset bid.

Arizona's glaring weakness against the zone defense almost cost them the game against NAU.  This is getting ridiculous.  Any hopes that Arizona had improved in the last week, were dashed tonight.  This team doesn't look like it has elevated its game at all.  It remains a team searching for its identity, learning as it goes.  A young team, that should be great next season, but constantly shoots itself in the foot this season.

Pros:  Arizona found a way to fight back and win.  Specifically, the 3 point shooting at the end of the game was impressive.

Player of the Game:  Derrick Williams - 17 points, 4 rebounds

Cheer of the night:  Brendon Lavender shooting down the court, stealing the ball, and dunking it to sink NAU's upset hopes.

Cons:  Inconsistent play, poor shooting early in the game, and horrible rebounding.

Jeer of the night:  Jamelle Horne, scoring 2 for the Lumberjacks.  I don't want to hear any excuses, or justifications.  That is never acceptable.  Do better. (Note: I mistakenly put Kyle Fogg's name as the 'jeer of the night'.  That has been corrected, and Horne is getting the credit he deserves.  Thanks for pointing that out, simetrclystable.  Apparently, I need to do better...)

Here's hoping the Wildcats build off of this somehow, and up their game before the Pac-10 games tip off.  An interesting test first, however.  NC State (6-3) won't be a pushover at home.

Bear Down, Wildcat fans!  Beat the Wolfpack!