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Duel in the Desert Game Thread

Got some goodies for you this week. To prepare yourself for the game check the links out. I highly recommend the rivalry video put out by the University of Arizona, it's awesome.

-Official Arizona vs. ASU Video- See great moments in the history of this rivalry set to some awesome music. Also, see Wilbur the Wildcat beat the heck out of Sparky.

-Awesome time-lapse photography of the USC game, put together in a video.- Check this out, you'll be glad that you did.

Check out the two-part Q&A between AZ Desert Swarm and House of Sparky. Also, why each team will win.
-"Q&A with the Sun Devils"-
-"ASU vs. Arizona: Know The Foe With Patrick Of AZ Desert Swarm"-

-"No past, no future, just the Territorial Cup."-'s Ted Miller predicts the Pac-10 games for week 14.-

-"What to watch in the Pac-10: Week 14"