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Pac-10 Basketball Pick 'Em: Week 6 Results

Another great week of Pac-10 basketball is behind us.  And while it was a great week of basketball, (I'm particularly happy about the Arizona Wildcats' ability to maintain their level of play this week.), this week looks to be much more exciting.  Pac-10 conference play is upon us.  How will that Pac-10 leader-board change?  Who will be exposed as over-rated?  Will there be a surprise team to rise to the top of the conference?

Boy oh boy, this is going to be fun to watch.

-Your Arizona Desert Swarm Staff did a pretty good job this week.  We're in a tie for first for this week, and we moved up into a tie for 3rd in the overall standings.  Can we continue to improve?

-Week 5 Winner:  There is a three way tie for first!  It's 'Arizona Desert Swarm', 'House of Sparky', and 'UW Dawgpound' this week.

-Overall Pac-10 Pick 'Em Leader:  'UW Dawgpound'  Will UW Dawgpound be able to stay on top next week?

-Fan Submission Winner:  A Tie!  'johnnycougar' and 'Coug999' are your winners this week, going 12-1.  Wow, a tie for first, and second place was only one wrong pick away.  Let's hope this continues to be hotly contested.

The overall standings, and a link to the full spreadsheet with all picks after the jump.

NOTE:  There was as issue with a ballot that was not counted.  The issue has been corrected, and the winners and standings have been adjusted.  We are in the process of implementing a new ballot submission format, which should prevent this issue from arising again.

Overall Standings:
1.  'UW Dawgpound' (82-15)
2.  'CougCenter' (79-18)
3.  'Rule of Tree' (78-19)
4.  'Arizona Desert Swarm' (77-20)
4.  'Building The Dam' (77-20)
6.  'Bruins Nation' (72-25)
7.  'Addicted to Quack' (72-22)
8.  'California Golden Blogs' (69-25)
9.  'House of Sparky' (53-17)

-Link to full spreadsheet, with all picks.