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Bowl Game Picks: Day 7 (Quickie Edition)

This edition of Bowl Game Picks will be a short one, as there is much to do with the Alamo Bowl steadily approaching.

AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl- Air Force Falcons vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

This game should be an interesting one to watch, as both teams run a form of the option offense. I don't imagine there will be too many passes thrown tonight.

The main factors in my decision tonight are the Georgia Tech QB, and the Air Force defense. The Air Force defense is statistically superior to the Georgia Tech defense, and that may cost the Yellow Jackets the game. Especially when you factor in that the option offense is what they practice against every week. Added to the potential offensive issues with the defense, is the fact that the Yellow Jackets' starting QB has a broken arm, and will likely not be a factor in the game.

I'm taking the Air Force Falcons to win, 21-17.