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Bowl Game Picks: Day 8

Well, I went 1-1 picking the past two bowl games, bringing my record to 7-2 so far.  Lets see if I can't improve that a bit tonight.  There are two decent looking games on this evening, and hopefully they won't disappoint.  I'm a little more excited for the Insight Bowl, but I'm an Arizona guy, so I might be biased...

Champs Sports Bowl- #22 West Virginia Mountaineers (9-3, 5-2 Big East) vs. N.C. State Wolfpack (8-4, 5-3 ACC)
This game features two teams that finished the regular season just short of a BCS Bowl berth.  So, hopefully, we'll see two scrappy squads out there trying to prove that they really are as good as they thought they were.

As far as how I see this one going, I'm too impressed with the West Virginia defense, and their RBs, to give N.C. State much of a chance in this game.  I'm not suggesting a blow out, just that the Mountaineers' defense and rushing attack will have built up a comfortable lead by the fourth quarter, and I don't see the Wolfpack being able to overcome either the rushing game or the defense of West Virginia.

I'm taking the West Virginia Mountaineers to win, 28-17

My pick for the Insight Bowl after the jump.

Insight Bowl-  #12 Missouri Tigers (10-2, 6-12 Big 12) vs. Iowa Hawkeyes (7-5, 4-4 Big Ten)

This might be rough to watch, at least for me.  Ever since sharing a beer with some Hawkeye fans that made the trek to Tucson for the game against my beloved Arizona Wildcats, I've had a soft spot in my heart for the Iowa Hawkeyes.  It's hard not to like a hard working, blue collar team that has such pleasant fans.  Unfortunately, things have gone steadily downhill ever since that game, which they lost to Arizona.

Both the top WR and RB will miss this game for the Hawkeyes, and that will make it extraordinarily difficult for the Hawkeyes to score on a tough Missouri Tigers defense.  I wouldn't put the upset past the hard working Hawkeyes, but when you look at the stats, and the lost playmakers, there is only one conclusion to be drawn here.

Despite the fact that I'll be cheering for the Hawkeyes, I'm taking the Missouri Tigers to win, 24-14.