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Arizona Bowl Game Links: Alamo Bowl Buffet

If you're anything like me, you're probably giddy with excitement, waiting for the Alamo Bowl.  Waiting for the Arizona Wildcats' shot at redemption, against a very tough Oklahoma St. Cowboys team.  Waiting for a great game, featuring two great offenses.  Waiting.

Those clocks on the wall, on the cell phone, on the computer?  They will be the enemy today, as time will surely slow to a crawl leading up to kickoff tonight.  But have no fear, Wildcat fans.  I have gathered up a buffet of links for you.  Links on all things Alamo Bowl related.

So check out the links after the jump, and kill some time until kickoff.  And if your boss catches you looking over the links?  Strike up a sports conversation, maybe the boss will let it slide...

-"Alamo Bowl notes" By Ted Miller

-"Photo gallery: UofA / OSU pep rally in San Antonio"  Kelly Presnell

-"Cats need this victory" By Ryan Finley / Arizona Daily Star

-"Oklahoma St. quarterback Weeden a man among boys" By Greg Hansen

-"Seen and heard in San Antonio" By Patrick Finley and Ryan Finley

-"New offense reveals star at age 27" By Patrick Finley

-"Bilboards tout Texas links" By Ryan Finley

-"Add some San Antonio songs to your bowl festivities" By Patrick Finley

-"Bowls seen as vital recruiting tool" By Patrick Finley

-"Interactive insider: University of Arizona vs. Oklahoma State University (Alamo Bowl)" By Kori Rumore

-"Cats Gear Up For Alamo Bowl"