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Alamo Bowl Game Thread

It's finally here! The contest between the Arizona Wildcats and the Oklahoma St. Cowboys will be the last shot at glory and redemption for the Arizona Seniors. Get the drinks and snacks ready, pull up a chair, and cheer on your Arizona Wildcats!

"Bowl Game Picks: Week 9" Yet another Alamo Bowl preview, but this one is focused on the defense. Guess what? Arizona's D is better than the Oklahoma St. D.

"Arizona Bowl Game Links: Alamo Bowl Buffet" A bunch of Alamo Bowl-related links.

"Arizona vs. Oklahoma St. Preview" JoeNewby4040's preview of the Alamo Bowl.

"Alamo Bowl Video Suite" A bunch of Alamo Bowl-related videos.

"Good Hands Roadside Rivalry Road Trip: Alamo Bowl" Alamo Bowl preview/ rant by uofafanatic.

"Pre-game Q&A: Oklahoma St." A Q&A with SBNation's Oklahoma St. blog.

"Alamo Bowl Answers: A Q&A with AZ Desert Swarm" My answers to the Oklahoma St. blogs questions.