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Pac-10 Basketball Pick 'Em: Week 3 Results

Another great week of NCAA basketball. Things are still pretty murky, with plenty of basketball left in the season, but the Pac-10 is looking solid so far.  Team of the week has to go to the Sun Devils, who defeated #13 Baylor.  Who picked that?  None of the Pac-10 bloggers, that's for sure.  Even 'House of Sparky' picked the Sun Devils to lose.  As much as it pains me to say it, good job Arizona State, you made the Pac-10 look good this week.

Your AZ Desert Swarm staff came back swinging this week, after a poor outing last week.  We tied for second place, although it wasn't as impressive as it could have been.  We were tied with 6 other blogs for week 3 picks.  Stay tuned to see if your AZ Desert Swarm staff can keep it up and stay in contention.

-Week 3 Winner:  'UW Dawgpound'

-Overall Pac-10 Pick 'Em Leader:  'Rule of Tree' & 'UW Dawgpound' (A tie! Rule of Tree better watch thier back, UW Dawgpound is looking to be king of the mountain.)

-Fan Submission Winner:  TennesseeQuackAttack8  (What?  An Oregon fan won?  For shame, Arizona fans.  For shame.)

Full standings, and link to the spreadsheet with all week 3 picks after the jump.

Pac-10 blog rankings, as of December 5th.
1.  'Rule of Tree'  (41-9) 
1.  'UW Dawgpound'  (41-9)
3.  'Building the Dam'  (40-10)
4.  'Coug Center'  (38-12)
5.  'AZ Desert Swarm'  (37-13) 
6.  'Addicted to Quack'  (36-11)
6.  'California Golden Blogs'  (36-11)
8.  'Bruins Nation' (34-16)
9.  'House of Sparky'  (31-14)

Full spreadsheet with all picks here.