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What needs to change for Arizona to stop the 4 game skid?

With the excitement of Arizona's Alamo Bowl berth, comes the realization that some significant improvements need to be made if the Wildcats are to have any hope of defeating Oklahoma State.

First and foremost, is the most basic of tasks.  Improve the fundamentals.  With an offense as prolific as Oklahoma State's, dropped passes,  arm tackles, and dropped interceptions could prove catastrophic.  So, no fancy solution needed here.  Just practice, practice, practice.  Arizona has until the 29th of this month to whip itself into shape, and I'm sure the coaching staff will be all over the guys in practice.

Next, the offensive play calling.  Take more shots deep.  If you're going to start QB Nick Foles, then use that rocket arm.  Get the defense playing the pass, and then the rushing game will improve.  It's not magic or rocket science.  Stop it with the dink and dunk for 3 to 5 yards, or it'll be more of the same, with little to no rushing threat for Oklahoma St. to be concerned with.  And for the love of Wilbur, if you put QB Matt Scott in, call some passing plays.  The defense will be watching for him to run, and Matt has developed into a top-level passer.  He may not be as accurate as Foles, but he's more than good enough when the defense is forced to watch for the QB run.

Lastly, the special teams.  Ok, not a lot can be done here.  But something needs to happen.  Either find a way to light a fire under the current kicking corps' butts, or start working out every red-shirt and soccer player that you can find.  This game could very well come down to field goals.  That's flat out scary right now.  I have no solution to offer here.  Just find a way to fix the issues with the kickers.  All of them.  Now.

What's your take?  Where do you feel the Arizona Wildcats need to improve to defeat the Oklahoma St. Cowboys?  And what would you do, if you were in charge of fixing their issues?